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Biodegradable Poly mailer bag

August 18, 2021

Latest company news about Biodegradable Poly mailer bag

A new type of biodegradable environmental protection material PLA, not only can be completely degraded, does not pollute the environment, but also reduces carbon emissions by 70% compared to traditional PE plastic bags
Reduce the pollution problems caused by traditional plastic bags, guide operators and consumers not to sell, provide, or use disposable non-degradable plastic shopping bags, and increase the awareness and consciousness of “plastic bans and restrictions” of operators and consumers


100% BIODGEGRADABLE - Made of PBAT and modified corn starch
This material represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics, is non-toxic and BPA free.
BIODEGRADABLE AND WEATHER-RESISTANT - Biodegradability doesn’t compromise integrity. biodegradable shipping envelopes are resistant to moisture, water, punctures and stretching. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you - intact and looking awesome.
WATER-BASED INK - We use vegetable oil as the base for inks. Compare to traditional ink, it does not include any plastic or PVC, which makes it more eco-friendly.

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