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Discuss the development trend of degradable packaging

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China Dongguan Auspicious Industrial Co., Ltd certification
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What an amazing insulation thermal bag it is. This bag came in handy when we took some ice cream over 2 hours out of town. When we got to our destination, the ice cream was still FROZEN!

—— Clay Allred

These bags are the perfect size for bigger sandwiches. The bag will hold 2 full-size sliced bread sandwiches or a large Kaiser roll size. We have kids in 1st thru 9th grade and these bags serve the older kids much better.

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I am very meticulous when creating my fine prints. When I present my work nothing can stand in the way of showing the quality of the printed piece. That is why I use the clear PE bag in my presentations and for the delivery of my work.

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Auspicious Industrial is a pleasure to work with. Their knowledgeable and professional staff has been outstanding. Crystal Clear Bags are an asset in the protection and presentation of our product to our customers.

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Customer service is amazing, fast, friendly, and reliable. The foil bags are affordable and cost-effective! and they are superb and take my presentation to a whole new level. Also, they protect my promotional material against the rigors of shipping and handling. I stand behind Auspicious Industrial and strongly recommend them.

—— Jim Jordan

I received my product insulation thermal bag and it came much faster than I expected. This took me by surprise, I love their efficiency. The product is also perfect. The size is perfect, the design is perfect. I put my ice-cream in it, and after 5 hours, my ice-cream has not melted. I am satisfied with everything!

—— Mark Advani

The bags exceeded our expectations. The communication was fantastic throughout the process and they went above and beyond to make sure all of my needs were met.

—— Matthew Dale

We have been working now for several years with Dongguan Auspicious and are thankful for their efforts to make the order process as smooth as possible as well as their dedication to resolving any arising issues during production quickly and without delay.

—— Amanda Smith

Very good quality bags, nice corn smell, nice green color. There are no objections to the bags themselves. Big help from the manager Jerry. There were some problems along the way like long shipping time or packaging problem, but overall it ended well.

—— Tina Jones

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Discuss the development trend of degradable packaging
Latest company news about Discuss the development trend of degradable packaging

At present, the raw materials of flexible packaging films we use are basically non-degradable materials. Although many countries and enterprises are currently working on the development of degradable materials, there is currently no substitute for large-scale production of degradable materials that can be used in flexible packaging. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, many provinces and cities have successively issued regulations to limit plastics and even "ban plastics in some fields. Therefore, for flexible packaging companies, to correctly understand degradable materials is to make good use of degradable materials." , The premise of realizing green and sustainable packaging.


According to relevant definitions, bio-based plastics refer to plastics produced under the action of microorganisms based on natural substances such as starch. Biomass for bio-based plastic synthesis can be derived from corn, sugar cane or cellulose, etc. And biodegradable plastics refer to under natural conditions (such as soil, sand, seawater, etc.), or under specific conditions (such as composting conditions, anaerobic digestion conditions or aqueous culture liquids, etc.) , fungi and algae, etc.) cause degradation and eventually complete degradation of plastics into carbon dioxide, water, methane, mineralized inorganic salts and new biomass. Bio-based plastics are defined and classified based on the source of material composition; while degradable plastics are classified from the perspective of the material's end-of-life. In other words, 100% bio-based plastics may not be biodegradable, while some traditional petroleum-based plastics can be biodegradable, such as butylene terephthalate (PBAT) and polycaprolactone (PCL) .


At present, for degradable packaging, customers are more concerned about whether it can meet the performance requirements of the packaging; for flexible packaging manufacturers, it is necessary to consider which fields can be used and how much can be used, because degradable materials are in the short term. Conditionally degradable. At present, degradable materials have not yet formed a mature supply chain. Therefore, packaging in the next few years may be recyclable packaging and degradable packaging go hand in hand.

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